June 28, 2022

"The stone front of our house had many cracks due to foundation settling problems. We had been waiting for two years to have this job done, and most contractors never followed through with bids or showed up as scheduled. John Paul came through as promised. His men were courteous and professional. All of the work was completed in a timely manner including the chimney cap. We asked if he could quote on a few jobs at the rear of the house involving the foundation and patio, assuming that these would be scheduled for a coming day. I was very pleased when he reviewed and completed these along with the main job. His pricing was reasonable and we very satisfied with the workmanship. We plan to use him on some upcoming projects. "
June 17, 2022


"Unfortunately, the mail truck backed into our brick mailbox and dislodged the mailbox itself from the base and loosened bricks in the base. After contacting several masonry companies, most suggested not repairing, but replacing the mailbox for around $1800. When I sent pictures and requested a quote from John Paul Masonry, they came back with a quote of around $250. The repair was completed yesterday and looks wonderful. I know there are many brick mailboxes in our area. If you need repair, please feel free to contact John Paul Masonry. They will do a very good job for you and most likely save you a considerable amount of money over replacing. GREAT JOB GUYS!!"
May 20, 2022

"We are so pleased with the way our house turned out. John and his crew did a fabulous job transforming our house. Still have work to do with other contractors but loving the stone."
March 21, 2022

"John Paul masonry restored my 25 year old brick mailbox to original condition with new numbers They did FANTASTIC JOB would recommend highly Real craftsmanship at a great price "
March 16, 2022

"John Paul Masonry repaired my crumbing 25 year old brick mailbox to brand new condition with new numbers great job great price honest craftsmanship would highly recommend"